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Our History


Sara’s earliest initiative with her friends was to raise money through a lemonade stand for a charity called Men of Armor. Men of Armor is a non-profit, Christian organization that serves the local church and community to reach, connect, and strengthen men to lead their families for Christ. Sara’s mission was accomplished! In 4 hours, Sara and her friends raised roughly $2,740 selling lemonade and cookies. Sara donated it all to Men of Armor.


After the lemonade stand, Sara and some of her friends focused on a few toy drives for Wake Med’s Children Hospital. Working in partnership with her Dad and his companies, Sara and some friends held a party. Parties are always a good thing! At this party, we asked the friends that attended to provide donations or bring gifts for the sick children at Wake Medical Children’s Hospital on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh, North Carolina.


In 2013, we again had the opportunity to raise money for yet another and different children’s hospital. This year, we worked with an organization called “Jump for Children” who holds a horse event and at the same times raises money for Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center. When we purchased our farm in September of 2012, we did a lot of great things to the property so we volunteered to hold a fundraising event in one of our newly renovated barns and it was a success. The event raised over $60,000 and the Jump for Children event that was held at the James Hunt Horse Complex on Trinity Road in Raleigh was incredible.


From there, we got focused on the idea of doing some great things at our farm. We applied and received our 501(c)3 designation and our dreams grew from there. The next initiative we called Operation Seed to Harvest – an initiative under Sara Making a Difference that is focused on helping children. In 2015, what broke ground as a little garden project to help children learn life lessons and it quickly grew into something very special.


Operation Seed to Harvest is a rapidly growing initiative and it has become a beacon of love and hope for children participating in the retreats and workshops at the farm. Most importantly, through the partnerships with churches and ministries that we work with, we are positioned to help children change their perspective and act from a new, more empowering perspective – making each event transformational for the children.


Our next initiative was created through a tragic event. As a business partner of Sara’s mom, Amy Peters, Laurie Hutchinson was an integral part of our family farm’s progress. Unfortunately, on March 4th, 2014, Laurie Hutchinson passed away at only 40 years old. Initially, Laurie’s Dream Fund was created out of this tragic death and the initial funds raised at Laurie’s funeral were designated to support equestrians at Whispering Hope. But in 2017, Amy Peters turned the focus of this initiative into a new initiative called Holy Spirit Horse Therapy. This new initiative focuses on providing a place for children and families to find wholeness, belonging, and trust through a relationship with a horse.


The Way of the Table is an initiative at the farm, where people meet for fellowship, fitness, food, and testimonies of trials and challenges that were overcome by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This initiative’s primary goal is to plant, grow and serve Kingdom Builders.
Getting involved in Way of the Table is a great way to get yourself in condition for the Warrior Wolf – our annual fundraiser for Sara Making a Difference and our initiatives. Learn more about the Warrior Wolf {Learn More} .

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We believe that living in faith calls us to be mindful of the needs of others, to help when and how we best can, and to serve with joy in all we do.{Learn More}