Is this a charity that is faith-based?
Yep, this is a non-denominational Christian-based charity.
Do I have to be a Christian to participate?
Not even close! Our desire is to show and share the love of God to all. We do care what you hear and experience, so we are intentional in having all that participate hear and experience the unrelenting, confessional grace that Christ provides. To us, this is the Good News at the heart of being a “Christian.”
What can I expect if I participate in this charity and their initiatives?
A transformed life. All our initiatives are designed to breathe hope and love into our community and you. Our hope is that what you will learn through our initiatives will carry you through turmoil and challenges. Your expectation should be that you will encounter God and the result is a transformed life.
Is Sara Making a Difference a Non-Profit?
How can I support your charity?
Here are two ways you can support us:
1. Pray without ceasing
2. Consider getting involved in our fundraising initiative called Warrior Wolf: http://www.warriorwolf.com