Operation Seed To Harvest

When Operation Seed to Harvest first started, this program was designed to bring children to our farm with the focus on learning lessons about food, nature, Jesus, and life through working and playing together in teams. At the time, we believed that through love in action and the contagious joy that comes from Christ, we would transform lives and positively impact the children we serve and the communities that they live in.

Over the years, the activities have expanded, but the goal has remained the same. We continue to see transformed lives. This program exists to love and accept children right where they are and to walk with them towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission is to demonstrate faith through love in action with Christ at the center of all we do. We carry out our mission by:

  • reaching out to people and showing them love and grace;
  • teaching life skills and lessons to children and families to help them grow more self-sufficient and become kingdom builders;
  • releasing the children and families into their communities so they can show “love in action” with what they have learned; and providing a place for children to play and enjoy nature.

Holy Spirit Horse Therapy

Through our partnership with Whispering Hope Stables, we pair riders with horses to find hope and healing. Our Holy Spirit Horse Therapy is an equine-assisted activity for contributing positively to the spiritual, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals. Initially established under an initiative called Laurie’s Dream Fund, it has evolved into a program that strengthens our riders through transformative learning.

The Impact: Not only does this program transform the lives of the riders, but our volunteers, donors, partners, sponsors and the community are ALL impacted for His good and glory!

Sessions: Holy Spirit Therapy serves individuals who are struggling with difficult life challenges of alcoholism, trauma, loss, anxiety, behavioral issues, chronic illness, PTSD or other challenges where our beautiful horses can positively impact people. Because every individual is unique, we’ve designed our one-on-one sessions to be individualized experiences.

Way Of The Table

The Way of the Table is an initiative at the farm, where people meet for fellowship, fitness, food, and testimonies of trials and challenges that were overcome by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This initiative’s primary goal is to plant, grow and serve Kingdom Builders.
Getting involved in Way of the Table is a great way to get yourself in condition for the Warrior Wolf – our annual fundraiser for Sara Making a Difference and our initiatives. Learn more about the Warrior Wolf {Learn More} .

Making a Difference